Ted Matz, a contemporary realist, paints in a relatively representational style while his paintings also express delight in the patterns of light, color, and shapes found in the everyday world.

"I am in constant awe of all the wonderful forms, structures, colors and patterns that nature produces. All of these amazing natural elements have always inspired me to create as an artist. My hope is that my artwork will draw attention to the beauty most people overlook and take for granted in their daily lives."

"As our lives become more frantic in this world of high tech living, I strive to take the viewer to a place of solitude and serenity. Transporting them to quiet spaces where the small and insignificant become visible. I want to make people become aware of the visual expressions of common everyday scenarios. I try to express inner feelings and thoughts that represent my "art of listening", "art of seeing", "art of teaching" and my "art of communication". I am constantly searching for connections and balances just within the border between the representational and the abstract."

Ted has worked in art and design related professions all of his life and is a graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design, majoring in Interior Design. He has held Creative Director of Advertising and Visual Merchandising Director positions for high end fashion retailers.

His artwork has received numerous awards in regional art competitions and has shown his work in group and one-man shows in New York City, the Midwest and New England. Ted's work was included in the 2001 Summer Invitational for Emerging Artists in New York City at the Denise Bibro Gallery, New York. Ted is currently represented by ArtSearch, Ann Arbor, Mi. and Watson & Spierman Fine Art, New York City and his work is a part of corporate and private collections throughout the United States.

Ted is dedicated to developing a better understanding of the arts through adult art education programs. He currently teaches at the Lighthouse Center for the Arts, Tequesta, Florida and conducts summer workshops at SnowFarm, Williamsburg, Massachusetts. His teaching experience also includes art centers in Michigan and Vermont. Ted teaches watercolor and creativity class, as well as, "Drawing for the Absolutely Terrified", an introductory course for the understanding of the basic principles of art and artistic expression through drawing.