Just got this scene I painted from the central piazza in Ravello photographed and wanted to share it.  It was such a glorious morning when we were painting, with the clouds partially obscuring the mountain tops, and that wonderful umbrella tree, I just couldn’t help myself.  It’s a small 12×9 oil but I just had to paint it that morning!

This painting was done in Ravello at the entrance to Ruffolo Gardens.  We painted there a lot during the workshop and was an incredibly beautiful spot.  The little pathway on the left next to the entrance was a very steep incline going down to a church were we had tickets for a piano concert.  The only problem was that we had to walk back up, and was definitely a killer walk (think 45 degree angle or at least if felt like it)!

This painting was made on a beautiful morning in the main piazza in Ravello. It was empty when I painted it but by noon the place was packed.  Very fun place to paint.

This was painted in Ruffolo Gardens in Ravello.  The arbor was a very quite part of the garden to paint and was a bit of relief from the other areas where tourist swarmed the gardens in the afternoon.  It had an incredible view of the Mediterranean Sea.

This is really a beach picture in Positano.  The beach was directly behind me when I painted this. I loved the colorful building and although it was by the beach the people where rather well dressed considering it location.

Every day is laundry day in Italy.  I painted this from the steps of our hotel because I was afraid of getting killed if I went by the road.  The streets are so narrow and not much room for plein air painters.  I just had to capture the laundry being hung our in the beautiful light of the Amalfi Coast.