I just got back from giving my watercolor workshop at SnowFarm in Massachusetts. Below are some photos from that journey that includes a two shots of my wonderful students that attended.  If any one has a chance to spend of week at SnowFarm it is an experience that you will not forget.  It is a wonderful experience to spend a week immersed in your art making, meeting new people and just having a good time.

Below are two paintings that I did to illustrate principles that I was teaching. People relate the most to the contrast of lights and darks.  The greater you can stretch those values the more the viewer will respond.  The greater you can stretch the contrast of temperature within the work the more people will also respond.  Hue is the least important of the three.  The inexperienced artist always spends way to much time trying to match color exactly as it is seen.  Through value and temperature one can give the work its emotional language that the viewer can read.


I just completed the plein air workshop that I gave on Desert Island in Maine.  The weather was absolutely perfect, the locations gorgeous, the participants a delight and of course the lobster to die for.  No matter where you look there is a painting waiting to be painted.

I did this little watercolor demo piece in Bar Harbor at the Shore Path.  An absolutely lovely spot with a rocky shore, great combination of green foliage and a beautiful view of the ocean.  
This was a little oil study I did in Bass Harbor of a path that led to the harbor shore.  Loved the little planter with the red flowers in it and the dark shade that framed it.

My watercolor interpretation of this wonderful house. This house was used in the film “The Perfect Storm”.

Below are pictures of some of the participants (sorry I didn’t get everyones photo) and more views of the island. Enjoy.


Just got this scene I painted from the central piazza in Ravello photographed and wanted to share it.  It was such a glorious morning when we were painting, with the clouds partially obscuring the mountain tops, and that wonderful umbrella tree, I just couldn’t help myself.  It’s a small 12×9 oil but I just had to paint it that morning!

This painting was done in Ravello at the entrance to Ruffolo Gardens.  We painted there a lot during the workshop and was an incredibly beautiful spot.  The little pathway on the left next to the entrance was a very steep incline going down to a church were we had tickets for a piano concert.  The only problem was that we had to walk back up, and was definitely a killer walk (think 45 degree angle or at least if felt like it)!

This painting was made on a beautiful morning in the main piazza in Ravello. It was empty when I painted it but by noon the place was packed.  Very fun place to paint.

This was painted in Ruffolo Gardens in Ravello.  The arbor was a very quite part of the garden to paint and was a bit of relief from the other areas where tourist swarmed the gardens in the afternoon.  It had an incredible view of the Mediterranean Sea.

This is really a beach picture in Positano.  The beach was directly behind me when I painted this. I loved the colorful building and although it was by the beach the people where rather well dressed considering it location.

Every day is laundry day in Italy.  I painted this from the steps of our hotel because I was afraid of getting killed if I went by the road.  The streets are so narrow and not much room for plein air painters.  I just had to capture the laundry being hung our in the beautiful light of the Amalfi Coast.


I had a very busy summer with traveling to Italy, Key West and now leaving for my Plein Air Maine Workshop but I did manage to get a few little paintings completed back here in Palm Beach.  The first one is at Riverbend Park in Jupiter, Florida and the other is at Grassy Waters in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Two of my favorite spots to paint in around home.


Enjoyed a week of play in Key West. Drank a little, ate a lot, and painted in one of my favorite places in Florida.  Am hoping to spend a month there next year and I am looking into giving workshops while I am there.  Here are just a few Key West watercolor paintings.


The Amalfi Coast Workshop in Ravello, Positano and Capri that I gave in June was absolutely the most beautiful experience that I have even done. The weather was beautiful, the landscape beyond your imagination and the participants a delight.  A total win, win situation.  Am planning next years trip to the south of France and will update everyone one on that adventure as soon as I have it put together. 


Please join me in Southwest Harbor, Maine for a week long workshop from August 24-30, 2014. Nothing can compare to painting along the rugged coast of Maine and the Acadia National Park.  Learn how to add more drama to your paintings through step-by-step demonstrations, while developing a greater understanding of the principles of composition and color mixing.  If you need additional information or would like to register please contact:

The Travel Gallery – American Express
361 Tequesta Drive
Tequesta, Florida 33469
Ann Fearey 561–744-3909 or Joan Dowrick 561-745-1550

Hope to see you there!

Road Along the Loxahatchee

Loved doing this little study of this small road that follows the river.  Was captivated by the way the light was coming over this little mound and hitting the road and the tops of the shrubs.  The sky had this slight yellow tint at the horizon.  Wasn’t quite as sunny as I portrayed it but just could help make it a bit more of a warm and inviting painting.  Pastel, (12 1/2″ x 16 1/2″)

The Amalfi Coast

In preparation for the Plein Air Workshop that I am giving in the Amalfi Coast on June 2 – June 11, 2014 I have made a painting based on a number of photo references. The challenge of recording perspectives that are not normally available in South Florida I felt the need to do a few practice runs before I embark on the real thing. I am very pleased with the way that it turned out.  Love the feeling of the strong light.  Enjoy. (Pastel, 16 1/2″ x 12 1/2″)

Hope to see you in Positano, Ravello and Capri , Italy in June.  For detailed information on the workshop visit the Lighthouse Museum and School of Art’s website at