My Personal Alligator Alley, Oil on Canvas, 16×12
While looking for a spot to paint at the Loxahatchee Wild Life Refuge in Boynton Beach, Florida I saw these two trees that were way out on this small strip of land that was surrounded on two sides by marsh water.  I loved the arch of the trees, the deep shadows and the perspective of the path that went way out into the distant horizon.  While setting up my easel and getting everything ready, I suddenly realized that number one I was the only human being in sight out here in the wilderness and secondly there are alligators in these waters. After just a bit of panic I decided that I would face the danger square on and sacrifice my safety for the sack of my art.  I really like this painting and it probably worked because I had to stop thinking so much and just paint (it only took 1 1/2 hours), or face the reality of possibly be eaten by some hungry alligator.  Who says it is easy to paint in Florida!  


I just got back from giving my watercolor workshop at SnowFarm in Massachusetts. Below are some photos from that journey that includes a two shots of my wonderful students that attended.  If any one has a chance to spend of week at SnowFarm it is an experience that you will not forget.  It is a wonderful experience to spend a week immersed in your art making, meeting new people and just having a good time.

Below are two paintings that I did to illustrate principles that I was teaching. People relate the most to the contrast of lights and darks.  The greater you can stretch those values the more the viewer will respond.  The greater you can stretch the contrast of temperature within the work the more people will also respond.  Hue is the least important of the three.  The inexperienced artist always spends way to much time trying to match color exactly as it is seen.  Through value and temperature one can give the work its emotional language that the viewer can read.


Enjoyed a week of play in Key West. Drank a little, ate a lot, and painted in one of my favorite places in Florida.  Am hoping to spend a month there next year and I am looking into giving workshops while I am there.  Here are just a few Key West watercolor paintings.


The Amalfi Coast Workshop in Ravello, Positano and Capri that I gave in June was absolutely the most beautiful experience that I have even done. The weather was beautiful, the landscape beyond your imagination and the participants a delight.  A total win, win situation.  Am planning next years trip to the south of France and will update everyone one on that adventure as soon as I have it put together. 


Please join me in Southwest Harbor, Maine for a week long workshop from August 24-30, 2014. Nothing can compare to painting along the rugged coast of Maine and the Acadia National Park.  Learn how to add more drama to your paintings through step-by-step demonstrations, while developing a greater understanding of the principles of composition and color mixing.  If you need additional information or would like to register please contact:

The Travel Gallery – American Express
361 Tequesta Drive
Tequesta, Florida 33469
Ann Fearey 561–744-3909 or Joan Dowrick 561-745-1550

Hope to see you there!